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Introducing the Magna-Tag Pte Ltd ‘s partners

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products
For more than 30 years, Quadrant’s System TIVAR Engineering Group has been recognized for consistent, reliable products, highly qualified staff and innovative lining solutions in the bulk material handling industry, earning a reputation throughout the world for providing long-term,cost-effective lining solutions. Well-known by many of the world’s engineering experts and consultants in the bulk material handling field, Quadrant’s System TIVAR Engineering Group has assumed a leadership role in the industry by developing and introducing lining products to meet individual customer needs and expectations.

Kalenborn Kalprotect GmbH & Co, Germany
Kalenborn is one of the leading manufacturers of wear resistant lining materials and a specialist in wear protection lining systems. Backed by more than 80 years of experience in dealing with moderate to extreme wear problems in the bulk handling industry and others process industry, Kalenborn is able to design optimal wear protection solution both from engineering and an economical point of view.

The foundation of wear protection lining systems offered by Kalenborn consists of different type of mineral, ceramic and metallic materials. Products include Fused Cast Basalt ABRESIST®, High Alumina Ceramic KALOCER®, Zirconium Corundum KALCOR®, Silicon Carbide Ceramic KALSICA®, Hard Compounds KALCRET®, Hard Overlay Welding and KALMETALL-W®, Hard Cast Material KALMETALL-C®...

Staminair Corporation
Staminair Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of material build-up removal products and services more commonly called air cannon/air blaster. It's flagship product line, the Vortex Blastair®, is a cost effective, safe, reliable and efficient air blaster for use in a wide array of industries, under the most demanding environments.

The Staminair team has acquired 15 years of accrued experience in build up solution removal by using pneumatic air triggered device. Our teams full awareness of the problems that material build-up can create in production loss time and in productivity was then established. More importantly, we understood how much these bulk handling problems could cost a firm.

Vortex Blastair®

Vortex Blastair® is a patent pending air blaster / air cannon currently available in three (3) models: DN 50 (V2), DN 100 (V4) and DN 150 (V6) respectively, for both high temperature and low temperature applications.
Vortex Blastair® was designed and engineered by European experts and is currently manufactured and tested in a production facility located in Asia.

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